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Fittingly, for the historic town of Berry Elders Real Estate Berry is the custodian of a number of fine traditions; including quite a few of its own making.

For more than 150 years, and now one of Australia’s top 100 companies, the Elders Company has been widely recognised throughout the world as an Australian icon. Its stable of agencies now comprises some 400 offices throughout Australia. Traditionally involved with larger holdings out west, it was only in relatively recent times that Elders established its presence on the South Coast.

In 1977, the late Brian Martin began Berry Real Estate, in what was one of Berry’s original business premises, dating back to at least 1883. It was utilised at various times by a shoemaker, a barber, a boot maker and repairer, furniture storage, Red Cross Teashop and now a bookshop.
In 1979, Mr Denny Lynch became a partner. He was to witness the internal partitions of the original building shift three times as the business continues to grow! Finally, in 1985, it became necessary to move to the present premises, which formerly consisted of “Tom’s Saddlery”, and local historian, Mary Lidbetter’s family Manchester and drapery store. In 1987, the business acquired it’s franchise in Elders, and has gone on to become a significant player in the Elders network.

“In 1989, we established an Elders agency in Kangaroo Valley” said Principal Brian McGoldrick. “We used to travel at a rapid rate back and forth over the mountain until it proved too much”. In 1993, Elders Berry acquired an agency in Shoalhaven Heads and in 1998 at the old ANZ bank building in Jamberoo in 2008 both these businesses were sold to seperate former employees of the compay.  The particular forte of Elders Berry, appears to lie in placing jaded Sydney city dwellers in the place of their dreams within the Shoalhaven. “90% of our clients settling in the Berry district come from Sydney,” said Brian. “Many of them own successful consultancies, that can readily be run at arm’s length from the Shoalhaven”. It seems much of that phenomena is due to the advent of information technology, as well as the fact that Sydney can be readily accessed, if need be, by a two hour country drive.

Another of the agency’s forte, is its success in managing the sale of fascinating heritage properties, (appropriate, considering the wonderful history of its company and the history that oozes from so much of its territory) that dot the Shoalhaven landscape.

Elders Real Estate Berry – shaped by history, shaping history.


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